“Let money work for you and you have the most devoted servant in the world … There is nothing animate or inanimate that will work so faithfully as money when placed at interest, well secured. It works night and day, and in wet or dry weather.”–P.T. Barnum

We stress establishing and maintaining liquidity, use, and control of one’s money. Capital is critical in today’s society. By putting our clients in a financial position, where they can borrow money against funds that they control, rather than borrowing from the financial institutions for large purchases; we put them in control of their money, and save them the money that would have been transferred on interest and lost opportunity costs. You can be a debtor of the bank, and play by their rules; or you can use your own source of funds and play by your own rules.

Let us show you how!

Qualified Plans

What do Qualified plans really do?

Qualified Plans are tax postponed retirement accounts sanctioned by the federal government.

Retirement Planning

What tax bracket will I be in at retirement?

Let our team of specialists help you take the mystery out of retirement planning.

College Funding

College planning basics and what parents need to know to plan early.

Opportunity Cost

Most people spend more time planning for vacation than they do planning for retirement.


Your house may be one of your most valuable assets. How you choose to pay for your house now may have a longer term effect on your financial plan.

Uncommon Thinking

Uncommon thinking using uncommon strategies for uncommon results.