We are known by the problems we solve, not the products we sell. We focus on the process and not the product. To use a golf analogy, we teach our clients “the swing” – how money works – the process. We work together on the practice tee to get the swing down before we ever take them to the club rack. We evaluate our clients’ strengths and weaknesses, and then when the time comes, fit them with the right club, custom fit to their specific needs.


Kayla Puchko Stephenson& Doug Puchko Jr.

Positive Outcomes

In order to achieve positive outcomes, we start with correct assumptions. In designing a financial prescription for a client, we will plan for all conditions. Good and bad times, up and down markets, even disability and death.

Whether you are an individual investor, a nonprofit executive director or a retirement plan sponsor, the first thing you can expect is a conversation about where you are and where you would like to be.

Developing The Right Strategy

A “cure all” or “silver bullet” product does not exist. We will review the plan often and make changes as necessary. We will verify all comments and statements made; after all, statements without documentation are only opinions.

Our relationship will be based on trust and openness. We are in the belief-changing business, so it is necessary for our clients to keep an open mind. Most importantly, the journey along the way will be a pleasant one.

You like what you’ve seen. What’s next?

If our approach to personalized financial planning sounds good to you, then now is the time to take the next steps toward your financial future.

A member from our team will contact you to have a brief conversation about your current situation, expectations and needs.