Building Wealth & Reducing Risk

Puchko Financial is a financial planning group located in the heart of downtown Johnstown. We care about our great city and the great people who live in our city. Our goal is to see individuals within our community succeed in life by helping them develop a step-by-step, custom fit strategy to help build confidence in their financial decisions.

We believe financial freedom comes from having your heart and mind free from the worries and “what-ifs” of life. This is what we want to help you achieve at Puchko Financial.

Johnstown, PA

Whether you’re planning for your retirement, financing the ever-rising cost of college tuition, supplementing your current income, or saving to buy your dream home, Puchko Financial has solutions to help you meet your investment goals.

Our team of specialists will help find the right insurance to fit your needs. From renters insurance to term life insurance and long-term care insurance, we at Puchko Financial are here for you.

Wealth Transfer Avoidance Strategies, Estate Conservation, Buy/Sell & Split Dollar Agreements, Key Man Insurance, Charitable Giving Strategies, Wealth Accumulation & Preservation and much more!